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Dr. Dipankar Sarkar , Dr. Shruti Sarkar
Newborn & Child Health Services
At Lakecity Hospital, Bhopal, M.P.

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About NICU

NICU Bhopal

The neonatal team of the NICU at Lakecity hospital is committed to provide high quality treatment to all newborn babies. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals supported by technologically advanced equipments, infrastructure and round the clock investigation facilities. Here at the NICU we treat all newborn conditions medical as well as surgical.

For every mother, birth of her baby is a much awaited and a joyous event. At such a time the last thing a mother wants is to be separated from her baby as her baby needs to be admitted to the NICU. But the assurance that her baby will get good care and open access to her baby at any time makes her feel comfortable and confident about her baby’s treatment. We encourage mothers to visit their babies whenever they wish to and also involve them in part of routine care of their babies.

Newborn babies who need intensive treatment are admitted to NICU. Generally the conditions requiring admission to NICU are Prematurity, being small, breathing difficulty, poor feeding, jaundice, convulsions or abnormal movements and birth defects. Depending on the severity of the illness, babies get admitted to intensive care beds or Intermediate care beds. The hustle and bustle of an intensive care unit can present unfamiliar sights, sounds and alarms which can be overwhelming to mothers. Babies may require certain procedures involving pricks and insertion of tubes and pipes. Parents are explained about the procedures and treatment needs of their babies regularly so that they understand what is Going on. We provide quality care to all babies and at the same time we make every attempt to take care of the parents as well.