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Dr. Dipankar Sarkar , Dr. Shruti Sarkar
Newborn & Child Health Services
At Lakecity Hospital, Bhopal, M.P.

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Lakecity Child Health Services

Behaviour Problem In Children treatment In Bhopal, NICU At Lakecity Hospital

A. Emergency and Inpatient Services:

i. 24×7 Children and Newborn Emergency Care

ii. Acute Paediatric Care and Pediatric Intensive Care

iii. Complete Medical and Surgical Treatment for Children

B. Out-patient Services :

i. General Paediatric Out Patient, 10 am to 9 pm OPD Services Monday to Saturday

ii.Thalassemia and Hematology clinic

iii. Child Behavior Clinic

iv. Childhood Asthma Clinic & Recurrent Respiratory Diseases

v. Child Nutrition Clinic for Underweight and Overweight

vi. Childhood Diabetes Clinic