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Dr. Dipankar Sarkar , Dr. Shruti Sarkar
Newborn & Child Health Services
At Lakecity Hospital, Bhopal, M.P.

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Lakecity Newborn Care

Newborn Baby Care In Bhopal

i. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

ii. 24×7 Children and Newborn Emergency Care

iii. High Risk Newborn follow up Care

iv. Well Baby Clinic and Immunization : Daily

v. Perinatology Clinic (Counseling pregnant mothers regarding newborn outcome )


» Most Cost Effective NICU

» Mother and Baby Can Have Treatment Under the Same Roof

» Mother is Encouraged to Get Involved in the Care of Her Baby During NICU Stay

10 Bedded NICU with Following Facilities :

» Level 3 NICU

» Neonatal Ventilation with VG & HFO

» Bubble CPAP and High Flow Therapy

» Surfactant Administration

» Invasive and non-invasive BP Monitoring

» ET CO2 Measurement

» Complete Medical and Surgical Treatment of Newborn Babies

» Care of Extremely Low Birth Weight Babies

» LED Phototherapy for Newborn Jaundice

» Bilipad Phototherapy

» Total Parenteral Nutrition

» Transport of Sick Newborns

» Laproscopic Surgery of Children

» Dedicated Trained NICU Staff 24 Hour Laboratory Backup

» In-house Blood Gas Facility

» 24 hrs Digital X-Ray

» Ultrasound


Baby care/Newborn baby Care

Baby care is the most important task of a parent when their new baby is born. It is very difficult in every scenario for the parent, But  care of baby in Bhopal is very easy as we have NICU Bhopal is there to help you at every step for your baby in Bhopal. A new born baby is very fragile and complicated to bring there in there upbringing therefore baby care in Bhopal has been assisted by NICU Bhopal.

So when at the time of taking care of your new born baby in Bhopal so you can just contact NICU Bhopal for your baby necessities and daily needs of your baby. For decades, it seems, moms have been made to feel guilty about holding their babies too much. Ignore the critics and repeat after us: You cannot spoil a baby by holding her really. It’s true. “Babies who are held often and have their needs met right away are more likely to have higher self-images and learn they are respected and worthy,” says Mrs. Meenakshi. So, even if you keep hearing people tell you not to do it, rest assured that holding your baby is a good and natural thing.