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Dr. Dipankar Sarkar , Dr. Shruti Sarkar
Newborn & Child Health Services
At Lakecity Hospital, Bhopal, M.P.

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Lakecity Pediatric Surgery

Newborn Surgery In Bhopal, NICU At Lakecity Hospital

A. Pediatric Surgical Services:

i. Newborn Surgery and General Pediatric Surgery

ii. Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

iii. Pediatric Urology

iv. Neural Tube Defects and Hydrocephalus

v. Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

vi. Pediatric Neurosurgery

vii. Free Surgical Treatment for Children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

B. Paediatric Surgical OPD Services:

i. General Paediatric Surgery OPD, Monday to Saturday,
Tel 07552602501/02 for appointment

ii. Thalassemia and Hematology clinic

iii. Spina Bifida Clinic: with Comprehensive Care for the Child with this deformity.

iv. Pediatric Plastic Surgery

v. Hemangioma Clinic

C. Gynaecological Service for Adolescents

D. Paeditric Burn Care

One of its kind in central India : A center with Burn and Plastic Surgeon, Paediatric Surgeon and Paediatric Intensivist

E. Cosmetic Surgery for Young Adults